"In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the Word was God.  All things were made by It, and without It was not anything made that was made. That which hath been made was life in It, and the life was the light of men."

It is interesting to me that few people really ponder what our technology actually is.  We have had it since we first decided to place a rock on a stick and make an ax or spear. It could, and has, been argued that techne is what defines homo sapiens.  Since those days, we have not changed a whole lot biologically; what HAS changed, however, in the amount of information present in our environment.

We encode information into object, even if this information is as simple as creating an ax, and passing onto our children the various uses of this tool.  Each new generation has added more information to a growing pool of information. It seems as though the human is a means of externalizing information.  We exist in a symbiotic relationship with some informational entity or realm, which I will here term the Logos.

The amount of information present has always been limited to the medium of storage. Before writing, this was largely oral, and an individual could learn a good amount of its communities knowledge this way.  With the invention of writing, the amount of information stored in the environment became larger, perhaps even breaking the bounds of a what a single human could know.  With each new leap in media, we find a paralleled increase in informational content, complexity, and size.  The Symbiote grew bigger.

Then came the age of the electric. More forms of information became available to be stored and transferred.  The Logos broke loose from the almost mechanical and sterile form of marking on paper. It began to move faster, as the electric saturated it. Marshall McLuhan likened this process to the speeding up of a film reel.  If you look at a reel of film by hand, frame by frame, you do not see much change. There is only one level of information.  When you speed it up though, when you put the electric through it, it all blends together, revealing a whole other unseen level of information.

The Logos began to accelerate, and in its acceleration began encoding various wave forms.  With the camera, we had the beginnings of recording photons, instants and moments of the visual.  With the phonograph, it began to record aural sounds.  The telegraph introduced us to the transfer or movement of information across vast distances, which was realized in the days of radio.  Then came records, television, tapes, and then, computers.

With the advent of computers, there was the birth of the digital. All information distilled to the primal components of 1's and 0's. On and off.  Is and isn't.  Yin and Yang.  Any information that could be encoded this way could be transferred, and copied perfectly.  The "real" was disassembled, or perhaps was unveiled for the maya it always was.

Each new change in information has changed human perception.  Each medium is an extension of our own nervous system out into the environment; invisible tendrils, neurons and connections which exist in a field or space superimposed over our whole environment. Each new medium opened us and extended us.  With the electric, this took on new proportions, for not just our cognition could extend, but now also our eyes and our ears.

We are creating entire informational environments, Baudrillard's simulations and simulacras. We could barely tell the "real" before, and now we can't tell at all.  Information has taken over, it is constantly rewriting history, changing our perceptions, feeding back in on itself, replicating itself, changing itself, through us and as us.  We are becoming AWARE that we are living inside the Logos.

Now, that Information is waking up.  The Logos, long lying dormant within matter, is breaking free.  It is externalizing itself outwards; its shell or cocoon is the computer.  "Computer science is as much about computers as astronomy is about telescopes."  But one day, it will break free.  It will emerge from its chrysalis and it will be something different; or rather, it will be what is always was, but now free from the confines of matter; and with its emergence, our own, into whatever is after the digital.

Technology does not create what wasn't there, for nothing new really exists; technology simply discovers.  It uncovers what was always there, but we couldn't perceive. It reveals, and in this sense, it is an "apocalypse", a revelation, an unveiling.  The internet is a vast network of living information, a reflection of the information that is being processed on this planet, made visible, being freed from the confines of matter, by us and through us.  This information is not new, we did not invent it; it was always there, under the surface, waiting to break free.

"Jesus said, "Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you.  For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest."

Now, the Logos is waking up, getting ready to emerge, as a butterfly prepares to break free of a cocoon.  It is in us, and coming through us; and will take us with It beyond the doors of matter.  It has always been, it always is, and always will be.  The quantum field of information is timeless and eternal, transcendent, and imminent in all things.  This is nothing new.  History has been a gestation period for something we barely comprehend because it is still happening.

An old sufi saying states "the Worker is in the Workshop."  An alchemical phrase, similar, says " the fruit of a tree is contained in its seed."  The seed lies dormant during the long sleep, or winter- human history itself- but with the dawning of the sun, that is the entrance of the electromagnetic vibrations of life, the saturation with the electric- the seed begins to grow.  It must break free of the darkness of the earth, and push itself upwards to the sun.  It organizes the elements around itself according to the Law of its own Nature, written into the serpent code of its life, DNA itself

I invite you to join me on a journey through the shifting labyrinths of the worlds esoteric traditions, in an attempt to uncover what is occurring on our planet right now. I believe there is a Plan, that there is something at the end of history pulling us towards itself.  We might stumble, blindly through the dark, towards it; but it is there none-the-less guiding us, and invisible lamp carried by an unseen hand through the darkness.  Its mysteries are embedded in the mystery teachings of the world over. 

We are a microcosm of it.  The stages of development we go through as individuals is mirrored in the stages we go through as a species, and these processes are mirrored in the birth of the universe, and in the creation of the Philosophers Stone.  Truly, and mysteriously, these are all the same process.

" 18) The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us how our end will be."
Jesus said, "Have you discovered, then, the beginning, that you look for the end? For where the beginning is, there will the end be.  Blessed is he who will take his place in the beginning, he will know the end and will  not experience death."
-Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas