Theophany and Revelation


There's a soft sweetness that sounds now, there is a new feeling in my heart. Everything cracks me open. The energy, the transformation, the change...all of that flowing through and around me. A door opens up in this world, the ladder to above, attached to the Pole Star and pulling us out of this world.  

I'm falling and flying at the same time, held within and without, softly cradled in this black night, the boundless presence of Her body.   I am at rest in Her eternity. Night.  Nyx.  Nuit.  Sweet silence enwrap me in your tendrils and turn my flesh to light!  Let me know the mysteries of love and creation.  I am a vessel of poetry and vision to pour out over all the world.

I am becoming what I am, whatever that is. I see it forming, sliding, shifting, darting through the cracks in Eternity. I see through to something NEW.  At its heart emotions, feelings, longing, the pure joy, pain and ecstasy of love.  Not only does this deep pain ennoble us, it also opens us to the light.  It is in the Eye of the Heart that God dwells, that God sees.  It is only in the Felt Presence that we can perceive Eternity.  It is only the heart relieved of its burdens that can know Truth. The heart that knows Truth is as light as a feather of Truth.  We can only know what we become.

What is there in this space? What opens up in this Felt Presence?  The Intelligence of the Heart has its own language; one of symbols, dreams, images, and vision.  It perceives and reads all of nature by this light, the Light of Truth.  It is here, in the heart, that we have the direct apprehension of nature; nature as theophany and revelation.  It is here that creation unfolds itself in all its majesty and wonder.

It is only those, though, who live by their heart and see through their heart that can truly enter the gates of this temple.   It is not made by human hands; it is boundless, infinite, eternal, and perfect.  It is love.

This is the Kingdom of God here, now, if we can only see it... but we are blind without the eye of our heart.  We cannot perceive truth by reason alone, we must experience the Felt Presence of Truth.  So how do we do that?  Through feeling. To follow love no matter the consequence, to learn its lessons, to see and hold suffering through the heart of love. To affirm love and light in the face of even nothingness itself.

Thus does gentleness opens the gates of paradise.  We must touch everything gently, with attention and presence and care.  Must have a light touch with the world itself.  We must be washed by pain to be filled with light.  Each experience of loves pain and loves pleasure deepens us to be filled more.  Each layer and the level of our being must be purified by fireAnd Cleanse by water.  This washes away the obscuration's so that the light may shine.

It is here that we see clearly.  Not running from the cleansing radiations.  Not struggling to hold on.  But to dissolve, to surrender to its mighty flow.  In faith.  In confidence.  In trust.  Tofling ones heart wide open and cast ones self to the unknown, to take it all in at once as a single taste.  To let all emotions mingle into a single new emotion, a new feeling that is more than the sum of its parts.  Joy.  Gratitude.  Pain.  Sadness. Terror.  Wonder.  

This is creation.  It only is for a fleeting moment.  Each moment unique. Each moment exquisite in its own way.  Each feeling divine.  We do not get to chose.  Give thanks for the opportunity to feel, whatever that feeling is, for it is our guide, our teacher and the only true path to our redemption and to revelation.  

In the Palace of the Heart Truth awaits.