This ascent
Is a stripping away
The layers
Of my armour
To lie naked
In your arms
To tremble
In love
I contemplate
The pores of your skin
And the gentle touch
Of my hand
On your cheek. 

It is these moments
That etch into my mind
And that I will remember
When I die. 

To love another
Is the most beautiful thing
We can do
with this life. 

So I remove
One more protection. 
I bare
One more wound
That my heart hides. 
I let go
Of one more fear
And sink in
To your eyes. 

I do this
So I might be seen
By you
In all that I am. 

I am naked here. 
And in this
There is ecstasy
And meaning
And poetry. 

These words
Are all I have left
As I drop
What I was
And dive
Into what
Might be. 

Phoenix Rising

Sliding down the rabbit hole,
Swirling at the centre of this game
Watching the world tumble downwards
Inwards and outwards
Framing and reframing this dream.

Looking and longing for the beloved
Around each and every corner.

I am exploding into images
Visions drifting on midnight currents
Caressing the sides of my mind
And whispering secrets to my soul.
Doubts batter and pull at me
Trying to drag me back down
Yet I rise,
Like a sun.

This love is emerging
Slowly and graciously
Timidly and voraciously,
Vacillating between polarities
Pressing possibilities
And screaming for release.

This Vision is a spark
That will set the world on fire
And I will burn with it,
A raging inferno of divinity,
A pillar established in the void
And all that's left the purest joy.

I scream as the fire overtakes me
Burns away my attachments
And leaves me naked and unafraid.
Standing in the light
Speaking with its sight
Seeing through its night.
I am coming home.

These phantoms are a dream.
I cast them all aside.
This is God creating
Singing in my madness,
A testament to time,
A memorial to the Mission
To harvest the grapes from the vine
And distill from their juice
The ambrosial wine.

Muse overtake me
Inspire and awake me
I am longing to be loved
To be touched by the dove
To be filled with a strange elixir
Brewed from some dakini's warm breath
Fed into my nadi's
And electrocuting my body.

This is all alive inside me
A liquid lyrical anomaly.
The chaos swirls, and I laugh
Thrilled by the eternal paean,
Invoking the glory of Pan
And casting aside all these doubts.

I immolate my mind
With love's infinite design

I am going home.


Division marked my sins
Tainted, views saw me through darkness
And with flames Poison consumed me.
A humbled sinner
Brought to the feet of light
Unworthy of even your sight
Gifts given in the form of art
Wasted by the shadowed heart of my hands
Beaten and torn, knees scrapped
I am not strong-
In the might of these beings
Holy lineage, vajra-wielders
Great compassionate ones
I am put to shame.
Unable to even stand
To make an offering
To bow down in thanks
Darkened, I am low.
Blessed ones,
Accept this poor wanderer-
Stained by past actions
Of theft and mockery,
Of grave misconduct,
Tainting the essence of the Law;
Unclear perceptions
Of the true nature of phenomena
Which sullied my volition.
Body speech and mind corrupted,
I am filled with unclear waters
Like mud rising to the surface,
Once hidden on the riverbed.
I stir up my memory
And defilements rise like sedge.

Worthy ones,
Accept this lonely heart!
Aspirations that once pressed kisses
Now only whisper wishes-
Save not me,
But all others first!
I am not fitting
For even the first word
Of your teachings!
But with courage conquering fear
With tears in my eyes,
I prostrate,
Diving into the murky oceans of my past
Washing myself
With the fragrances of your blessings.
Precious Teacher,
Retinue of awakened ones
Protectors of beings
Render me this service
That I might reflect your wisdom
To all beings without division!
In boundless equanimity,
May I reside.
Remove this blindness
That I may be worthy to do homage
To the sacred Word of this mighty Law.

In this darkness I will wait to be kindled
By the light of a single star
Blazing throughout creation.
May love fill my chest
And overflow from my body,
May the 4 immeasurable,
Infinite and resplendent qualities
Arise without effort
And in a wave of compassionate activity
May I practice unceasingly
For the benefit of all
As vast as the night sky
and uncountable
As the grains of sand in the world.
So long as even a single being remains
May I continue to rain blessings
Reflecting always
Like a radiant moon of Wisdom.

Time is fleeting,
Passing like a flash of lightning.
With tears of thanks
For this precious opportunity
I pray.
May I not waste it
In fruitless pursuits
But use it always
To reach beyond these delusions
Unto the Smooth Point.

Blessings unto all beings!
Blessings to all Masters
Blessings to all Wanderers
On the many Paths of Awakening.
Blessings to the saints and angels,
The demons and devils,
Blessings to the Bodhisattvas
Blessings to the misguided ones
To the greedy ones
To the selfish ones.
Blessings unto all that lives!

Heart's Blood

I will not run from this pain.
I will let it in,
For this pain is a mother who lost her children,
It is the pain of the downtrodden,
Of the lonely, of the wounded and dying,
Of the cold and hungry and despairing.
This pain is my teacher, my friend,
And my comforter.
This pain makes me human,
And this pain will make me whole.

Luminescent scintillations

Cascade across the cracks in creation
These tears are the rivers
That flow over my heart
And water the desert of my soul.
Each drop is an angel
Sent into the world,
Each a crystallized image of the sorrow
That falls as a waterfall
From the initial division.

This Love is my guide,
It is my lamp
And my staff,
And the path itself.
Every event that tears at our heart
Makes room for light to get in,
For us to move beyond ourselves,
Beyond our own needs,
Beyond our selfish desires,
Beyond our words and concepts,
Our assumptions about who we are,
What we need, and where we are going,
Beyond everything that we think we are.

Because this isn’t about us.

We are not that special.
Our suffering is not unique,
And our attempt to escape it
Only drives us deeper into Darkness.

My love for you is my Truth.
It is the crucible of my transmutation,
And this pain is the fire of its consecration.
My tears are my purification,
Washing over my sins
And freeing me from my past.
In this crucible, I am forging a heart of Gold,
A Sun which nothing can snuff out.
This Love is a forge,
And you are the bellows,
Fanning the flames of my temperance.

I will not run from the fire.
I will not run from this crucible.
All that I am will be burned away
Leaving nothing
But the Living Fire of Love.


Dream's Dew


Cracked by phosphorescence
Heart's chamber unveiled
Shrine opened
Ablaze with flames
Emerging from the darkness of my soul
Filling my loneliness with fire.
Worship cascades down my spine
And fountaining up
It pours forth as words
To your vibrant body
Radiant and infinite
In the dew of these dreams.

Photons, like fireflies
Fairies of fantasy,
Dance wildly in your eyes,
Merging into a single song
A cicada of harmony
Buzzing with love.

I am melted in your radiant divine,
Fire ignited in my mind
And I am awake!
Breathing slowly,
Learning to be all of it.

Walls torn down
Darkness dissolves
And I am free
Liberated into the play
Of this awareness,

The image of your perfection.
Realizations return

Vision seeps into my pores
Cells vibrant,
Alive with its perfection.

This lotus blooms;
Its stem in my sorrow
And bursting forth,
This chest filled
As it blossoms into crystalline light
Reflecting a divine love
That is not my own;
This Love is a mirror
For the awareness within
Vast, luminous expanse
Jewel net of divinity
To you I bow.

Humility becomes my bones
This body a sacrifice
To your nourishing panorama

Matrix, Martris, Mater, Mother
Goddess lover.
I remember.

This offering is my praise
And softly, scents fill my days
And I bathe in the beauty
Cast down from your rays.

I am coming home.

I rise from my tomb
Reborn, re-birthed, resurrected
Into the sun.
My heart has come undone-
And I breathe.

This is Life, pulsing to your heart;
And in this cascade of love
Phosphorescent and iridescent
I am free.



Remembrance in Revelation


Tidal waves of vision
Wash over this vessel,
Hermetically sealed and growing.  

Divine Sophia,

Essence of my heart,
inspiration of my Art,
I lay me down to bloom
In the earth of thy ecstasy.
Emissary of emanation,
Entrusted with creations exhalation,
I prostrate to thy bodies glow.  

Gift of Sight,
Wings of Light,
Perfect portent
Which mirrors my mystery,
Remembrance in revelation.  

This moment is an eternity,
Within which we return
To the pleroma of our infinity,
A timeless sempiternity.
Fluid fission
In the alembic of fascination.  

We are One, together;
And creation is my devotion,
Rendered to your pure poetry.
Gratitude for grace,
For you are the memory
Of our divinity,
The syzygy of duality
Which destroys our desire,
And dissolves us in death;
Through despairs delirium
Delivers us up
To dreams destiny.  

Radiant Goddess,
My heart is a swamp blossomed lotus,
A rainbow refraction
Of divinities door;
And Art is my prayer
To your infinite body.  

A state of thanks
For the eternal grace
I now call my home.  

From Eros to Agape,
We embrace our limitation
To find salvation




There is no safety here,
No stability,
Nothing to hold to,
All clinging stops in this silence void
Pregnant with the possibilities
Of untold futures.
I am extending in this space,
I am floating,
Giving way to the divine,
Surrendering to circumstance,
Placing all trust and faith
In the Singular Presence
Of the One.

There is no home here,
No comfort,
No return.
I am adrift now
In this sea of indeterminacy.

The stars are my only companions,
Shining and bright,
Swirling through space
Suspended like me in nothingness
Wrapped in the blanket of the Vast Expanse.

I am dissolving
And praying
And crying.
I am being born,
Out of this womb of pain and chaos.

Light fills my broken heart,
Igniting into Love,
Crying out
To this lonely, cold, grey world,
Opening to encompass
The sufferings of all beings.

And in the midst of it all,
My Dearest Beloved,
A gem of beauty,
And an image of humanity.
Struggling to make heal,
To make sense,
To find love, and peace, and safety.
Inspiring me to ignite,
To open my heart,
To let in the confusion and the pain
And to embrace it,
To cradle it as I would a broken child.

I am learning
To touch the world's suffering
Not with violence, not with denial,
Not with frustration to anger,
But with tenderness,
With patience,
With kindness.

I am dissolving,
And all that is left
Is a love which can know no bounds.
In this grief
I am made whole.

Heaven Sent


This lingers, unfolding like lotus blooms
Projecting this flight into unknown possibilities.
This heart beats again…
Fear. Pulse. Love. Pulse.

Trembling this iridescent glimmer
Reflects off of my stillness.
Light is brought, ablaze it glows.
You, dear night, have erupted this heart,
Beating to this magnificent dance of life.
Slipstreams slide through the moonbeams
Between your eyes the glow pulses again.

“Give in, slide between
Pull of the motion of stars draws you in
Beckons the hidden depths of your sorrow
To extend into light”
Your eyes say to me.

I listen, moving out,
Through this membrane I push;
Fluid moments of past presents
Flicker through this heart,
A million manifold memories

Pass across this wounded vessel,
Filled with light I enter light;
And in the infinitude of its mad piping
I hear the sounds of rolling drums
Echoing softly over tender limbs,
Skins velvet caresses
Like a warm scent upon a sheen,
A perfect tendril of comparison
Which unwinds across my back,
Up my spine it pushes,
And the magic bleeds from my veins
Poured out as a sacrifice
To your infinite body.

This dream enters, breathing me in;
It licks the sound from my throat
As a soft kiss it comes from these lips;
A worshipping eternity
Born into this pregnant silence;
Each instant the birth of some new dream.
I weave the threads from this moments choices,
Spinning a web to catch the flies of fate
To ensorcel the world
In a blaze of radiant recreation.

In this ecstatic night the pores weep out
A bitter and beautiful elixir
A wine of deepest amber hues,
A vision glistens with a salivating hunger
To be born, to take form,
And out of this Love comes careening
A billion untold futures;
And I weave them on this loom of tears
And from its beauty radiates a perfect future.
My blood waters these dreams;
Ingested into the earth they take form.
With undulating scintillations
They shimmer with a simple radiance
As from the glow of your body,
Infinite and perfect and resplendently empty.

In this place I burn up,
These words, this tongue
A golden flame of worship
To the divine love
Which emanates through your skin.
I lie still, surrender to its pulsing.
Fear. Pulse. Love. Pulse.
Death. Pulse.