There is no safety here,
No stability,
Nothing to hold to,
All clinging stops in this silence void
Pregnant with the possibilities
Of untold futures.
I am extending in this space,
I am floating,
Giving way to the divine,
Surrendering to circumstance,
Placing all trust and faith
In the Singular Presence
Of the One.

There is no home here,
No comfort,
No return.
I am adrift now
In this sea of indeterminacy.

The stars are my only companions,
Shining and bright,
Swirling through space
Suspended like me in nothingness
Wrapped in the blanket of the Vast Expanse.

I am dissolving
And praying
And crying.
I am being born,
Out of this womb of pain and chaos.

Light fills my broken heart,
Igniting into Love,
Crying out
To this lonely, cold, grey world,
Opening to encompass
The sufferings of all beings.

And in the midst of it all,
My Dearest Beloved,
A gem of beauty,
And an image of humanity.
Struggling to make heal,
To make sense,
To find love, and peace, and safety.
Inspiring me to ignite,
To open my heart,
To let in the confusion and the pain
And to embrace it,
To cradle it as I would a broken child.

I am learning
To touch the world's suffering
Not with violence, not with denial,
Not with frustration to anger,
But with tenderness,
With patience,
With kindness.

I am dissolving,
And all that is left
Is a love which can know no bounds.
In this grief
I am made whole.