Dream's Dew


Cracked by phosphorescence
Heart's chamber unveiled
Shrine opened
Ablaze with flames
Emerging from the darkness of my soul
Filling my loneliness with fire.
Worship cascades down my spine
And fountaining up
It pours forth as words
To your vibrant body
Radiant and infinite
In the dew of these dreams.

Photons, like fireflies
Fairies of fantasy,
Dance wildly in your eyes,
Merging into a single song
A cicada of harmony
Buzzing with love.

I am melted in your radiant divine,
Fire ignited in my mind
And I am awake!
Breathing slowly,
Learning to be all of it.

Walls torn down
Darkness dissolves
And I am free
Liberated into the play
Of this awareness,

The image of your perfection.
Realizations return

Vision seeps into my pores
Cells vibrant,
Alive with its perfection.

This lotus blooms;
Its stem in my sorrow
And bursting forth,
This chest filled
As it blossoms into crystalline light
Reflecting a divine love
That is not my own;
This Love is a mirror
For the awareness within
Vast, luminous expanse
Jewel net of divinity
To you I bow.

Humility becomes my bones
This body a sacrifice
To your nourishing panorama

Matrix, Martris, Mater, Mother
Goddess lover.
I remember.

This offering is my praise
And softly, scents fill my days
And I bathe in the beauty
Cast down from your rays.

I am coming home.

I rise from my tomb
Reborn, re-birthed, resurrected
Into the sun.
My heart has come undone-
And I breathe.

This is Life, pulsing to your heart;
And in this cascade of love
Phosphorescent and iridescent
I am free.