Division marked my sins
Tainted, views saw me through darkness
And with flames Poison consumed me.
A humbled sinner
Brought to the feet of light
Unworthy of even your sight
Gifts given in the form of art
Wasted by the shadowed heart of my hands
Beaten and torn, knees scrapped
I am not strong-
In the might of these beings
Holy lineage, vajra-wielders
Great compassionate ones
I am put to shame.
Unable to even stand
To make an offering
To bow down in thanks
Darkened, I am low.
Blessed ones,
Accept this poor wanderer-
Stained by past actions
Of theft and mockery,
Of grave misconduct,
Tainting the essence of the Law;
Unclear perceptions
Of the true nature of phenomena
Which sullied my volition.
Body speech and mind corrupted,
I am filled with unclear waters
Like mud rising to the surface,
Once hidden on the riverbed.
I stir up my memory
And defilements rise like sedge.

Worthy ones,
Accept this lonely heart!
Aspirations that once pressed kisses
Now only whisper wishes-
Save not me,
But all others first!
I am not fitting
For even the first word
Of your teachings!
But with courage conquering fear
With tears in my eyes,
I prostrate,
Diving into the murky oceans of my past
Washing myself
With the fragrances of your blessings.
Precious Teacher,
Retinue of awakened ones
Protectors of beings
Render me this service
That I might reflect your wisdom
To all beings without division!
In boundless equanimity,
May I reside.
Remove this blindness
That I may be worthy to do homage
To the sacred Word of this mighty Law.

In this darkness I will wait to be kindled
By the light of a single star
Blazing throughout creation.
May love fill my chest
And overflow from my body,
May the 4 immeasurable,
Infinite and resplendent qualities
Arise without effort
And in a wave of compassionate activity
May I practice unceasingly
For the benefit of all
As vast as the night sky
and uncountable
As the grains of sand in the world.
So long as even a single being remains
May I continue to rain blessings
Reflecting always
Like a radiant moon of Wisdom.

Time is fleeting,
Passing like a flash of lightning.
With tears of thanks
For this precious opportunity
I pray.
May I not waste it
In fruitless pursuits
But use it always
To reach beyond these delusions
Unto the Smooth Point.

Blessings unto all beings!
Blessings to all Masters
Blessings to all Wanderers
On the many Paths of Awakening.
Blessings to the saints and angels,
The demons and devils,
Blessings to the Bodhisattvas
Blessings to the misguided ones
To the greedy ones
To the selfish ones.
Blessings unto all that lives!