Remembrance in Revelation


Tidal waves of vision
Wash over this vessel,
Hermetically sealed and growing.  

Divine Sophia,

Essence of my heart,
inspiration of my Art,
I lay me down to bloom
In the earth of thy ecstasy.
Emissary of emanation,
Entrusted with creations exhalation,
I prostrate to thy bodies glow.  

Gift of Sight,
Wings of Light,
Perfect portent
Which mirrors my mystery,
Remembrance in revelation.  

This moment is an eternity,
Within which we return
To the pleroma of our infinity,
A timeless sempiternity.
Fluid fission
In the alembic of fascination.  

We are One, together;
And creation is my devotion,
Rendered to your pure poetry.
Gratitude for grace,
For you are the memory
Of our divinity,
The syzygy of duality
Which destroys our desire,
And dissolves us in death;
Through despairs delirium
Delivers us up
To dreams destiny.  

Radiant Goddess,
My heart is a swamp blossomed lotus,
A rainbow refraction
Of divinities door;
And Art is my prayer
To your infinite body.  

A state of thanks
For the eternal grace
I now call my home.  

From Eros to Agape,
We embrace our limitation
To find salvation