Phoenix Rising

Sliding down the rabbit hole,
Swirling at the centre of this game
Watching the world tumble downwards
Inwards and outwards
Framing and reframing this dream.

Looking and longing for the beloved
Around each and every corner.

I am exploding into images
Visions drifting on midnight currents
Caressing the sides of my mind
And whispering secrets to my soul.
Doubts batter and pull at me
Trying to drag me back down
Yet I rise,
Like a sun.

This love is emerging
Slowly and graciously
Timidly and voraciously,
Vacillating between polarities
Pressing possibilities
And screaming for release.

This Vision is a spark
That will set the world on fire
And I will burn with it,
A raging inferno of divinity,
A pillar established in the void
And all that's left the purest joy.

I scream as the fire overtakes me
Burns away my attachments
And leaves me naked and unafraid.
Standing in the light
Speaking with its sight
Seeing through its night.
I am coming home.

These phantoms are a dream.
I cast them all aside.
This is God creating
Singing in my madness,
A testament to time,
A memorial to the Mission
To harvest the grapes from the vine
And distill from their juice
The ambrosial wine.

Muse overtake me
Inspire and awake me
I am longing to be loved
To be touched by the dove
To be filled with a strange elixir
Brewed from some dakini's warm breath
Fed into my nadi's
And electrocuting my body.

This is all alive inside me
A liquid lyrical anomaly.
The chaos swirls, and I laugh
Thrilled by the eternal paean,
Invoking the glory of Pan
And casting aside all these doubts.

I immolate my mind
With love's infinite design

I am going home.