A Light in the Darkness

Scattered clouds dapple my consciousness
Thoughts of you drift through my mind,
Memories, shifting and changing,
Pass across the sky.

I am flying above the ocean of existence,
Over you as you swirl,
As you tumble through the world,
Your soul singing in pain,
Forgetfulness your new crown
Running from the nightmares
That haunt your past,
Chasing phantoms.

If only I could take them away,
Breath Truth into your Heart,
And open your eyes to the lies
That have caught hold of you.

But I can do nothing now.
As I let you go,
As I soar above it all,
Adrift on sun rays
And longing for peace.
I will hold these memories fondly,
Remember you gently,
And pray that your fractured world
Pieces itself back together.

I can do no more now,
For you have cast me out
So that you can pretend at freedom.

Remember love,
Remember Truth,
Remember the dream,
And find kindness and gentleness.
This world is too brittle,
Too fragile,
Too fleeting
To be treated with calousness.
For if we break too many hearts,
We are only left in the end
With fragments of a life
That never found a home,
And never knew love.

The greatest tragedy of all.

Do not get lost in your delusions.
I will light a candle
For you to find your way home,
A beacon in the darkness of confusion.

I will always love you,
And I will continue to pursue
The Vision we shared together.
I will remember the best of you,
And I will forgive the worst.

Find what you are looking for,
And may it have healing in its wings,
And peace in its embrace.