This ascent
Is a stripping away
The layers
Of my armour
To lie naked
In your arms
To tremble
In love
I contemplate
The pores of your skin
And the gentle touch
Of my hand
On your cheek. 

It is these moments
That etch into my mind
And that I will remember
When I die. 

To love another
Is the most beautiful thing
We can do
with this life. 

So I remove
One more protection. 
I bare
One more wound
That my heart hides. 
I let go
Of one more fear
And sink in
To your eyes. 

I do this
So I might be seen
By you
In all that I am. 

I am naked here. 
And in this
There is ecstasy
And meaning
And poetry. 

These words
Are all I have left
As I drop
What I was
And dive
Into what
Might be.