Heaven Sent


This lingers, unfolding like lotus blooms
Projecting this flight into unknown possibilities.
This heart beats again…
Fear. Pulse. Love. Pulse.

Trembling this iridescent glimmer
Reflects off of my stillness.
Light is brought, ablaze it glows.
You, dear night, have erupted this heart,
Beating to this magnificent dance of life.
Slipstreams slide through the moonbeams
Between your eyes the glow pulses again.

“Give in, slide between
Pull of the motion of stars draws you in
Beckons the hidden depths of your sorrow
To extend into light”
Your eyes say to me.

I listen, moving out,
Through this membrane I push;
Fluid moments of past presents
Flicker through this heart,
A million manifold memories

Pass across this wounded vessel,
Filled with light I enter light;
And in the infinitude of its mad piping
I hear the sounds of rolling drums
Echoing softly over tender limbs,
Skins velvet caresses
Like a warm scent upon a sheen,
A perfect tendril of comparison
Which unwinds across my back,
Up my spine it pushes,
And the magic bleeds from my veins
Poured out as a sacrifice
To your infinite body.

This dream enters, breathing me in;
It licks the sound from my throat
As a soft kiss it comes from these lips;
A worshipping eternity
Born into this pregnant silence;
Each instant the birth of some new dream.
I weave the threads from this moments choices,
Spinning a web to catch the flies of fate
To ensorcel the world
In a blaze of radiant recreation.

In this ecstatic night the pores weep out
A bitter and beautiful elixir
A wine of deepest amber hues,
A vision glistens with a salivating hunger
To be born, to take form,
And out of this Love comes careening
A billion untold futures;
And I weave them on this loom of tears
And from its beauty radiates a perfect future.
My blood waters these dreams;
Ingested into the earth they take form.
With undulating scintillations
They shimmer with a simple radiance
As from the glow of your body,
Infinite and perfect and resplendently empty.

In this place I burn up,
These words, this tongue
A golden flame of worship
To the divine love
Which emanates through your skin.
I lie still, surrender to its pulsing.
Fear. Pulse. Love. Pulse.
Death. Pulse.