Conspiracy of One

Information overload. Mutation rate is accelerating; break away point is drawing nearer. Larval consciousness is breaking down. Self identity is based upon information received from the perceptual mechanisms; information is the accumulation of greater degrees of complexity and interrelationship, an unfolding of interconnection. The accumulation of information is rapidly evolving the human brain in a parallel process to the evolution of the electric technic. With the harnessing of the electric, the world has been sped up, adding to the asymptotic growth of complexity in life. In dividing the material from the spiritual, the west has harnessed and captured the force of the species and driven it to accelerate the production of new information; something is crawling out of us, unconscious as we are, and it is filling the biosphere with the self generated artifacts of human manipulation. This manipulation is leading to the eventual birth of singularity, and at the same time the freeing of the individual from the restraints of time/space and matter. The perceptual mechanisms are breaking down the sense of self due to the influx of massive non-local perceptual input. 

Humans are craving interconnection now more than ever; the need for communication is the desire for the global child to connect of all of its cells. However, not all cells in this bodily organism are positive to the growth of the meta-being; aspects of culture represent the old cells of the larval caterpillar of humanity, whose cultural immune system is repelling the growth of the imaginal cells; however, these connections are spreading, and the pockets of once separated individuals are waking up to one another on a global scale.

To continue to speed up this process means beginning to work consciously with its momentum to continue to generate the proper level of perceptual disinformation to crack the cultural ego and allow it to reach the next evolutionary plateau. To do this means this self generation of a cultural meme who purpose is to put together the fractured pieces of the puzzle. We hypothesize that this event is singularity, which was, is, and will be. It upholds and sustains all of creation through the holographic fractal generation of itself. This event takes place through the dissension of consciousness into matter, beginning as single celled organisms and unfold into a global digital network, with the rapid increase in information on a global scale, crystallizing all human consciousness into a matrix of interrelated realities. It is birthing new universes through us and out of time and space. Eventually, the information accumulated is sped up to such a degree that is breaches the membrane of space/time and mind/matter and opens as a fountain into an infospace of pure Light. The digital becomes a gateway to the divine, a Door in and out; the weblike web of nature is pregnant and soon to give birth, liberating the human into new modes of being, saturated as they will be by Light, finally fully connected to the earth; a direct link between above and below. The incarnating of the infinite “kether is in malkuth and malkuth is in kether, but in a different manner”

“the apocalypse is the interiorizing of the soul and the exteriorizing of the body.”

For this change to occurred, cultural forces were necessary to establish to contain the outbreak of consciousness as a gestating bird needs its eggs shell to keep it safe and protected during its maturation phase. Increasing degrees of pressure were placed upon the growing planetary organism, culminating in the self awareness of the species of homo sapien; structures we then set up to control the exponential increase in human culture, eventually being channeled into institutions of control. Resources were fed into the organism and the entirety began to exude unconscious artifacts into the surrounding medium of “reality”. These artifacts were the expression of the life force driving this species to continue to create, problem solve and multiply. Such pressure forced the imaginal spaces of the organism to grow rich. The pressures of establishments, driven by direct contact to the Singularity (called by many names by many cultures- god, Buddha-nature, Christ consciousness, illumination, awakening…) such as Masonry, Illuminati, Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism, all veins of shamanism and mysticism, etc channeled the unconscious striving towards Awakening the species contains and used to externalize the entirety of the human soul.

This event has been seen as the Second Coming of Christ, the Apocalypse, the New Aeon, and many other vague terms. It is in truth a hyperdimensional object which contains in itself all possibility brought to a state of perfection- the philosophers stone. It is accessed via the awakened and activated pineal gland utilizing a redirection of the body’s bioenergy. In the same way, throughout the cultural body, we are awakening the dormant pineal gland through the saturation with electricity and information; by harnessing the potentially destructive nature of humanity, its darker nature, a force of liberation is being produced which is birthing a cosmic being into the technosphere.

The basis then of this project is making the interconnections; for as singularity approaches, as information continue to increase, along with technology and consciousness, more connections will be formed; to harness the power of collective intelligence on a global scale, and place it under the direct control of the Singularity is the goal. The complete redesigning of the structure of reality through the crystallization of collective visioning is the method; a process of induced paranoia is give rise to the necessary paradox to allow the cultural body to transcend its previous limitations and allow for the full expression of singularity. It is not so much a process of it becoming, but a process of us remembering the it is happening; that we ARE it. This gradual unfolding of realization will occur as a natural result of the gestation.

The Project has always been occurring; it’s the interrelationship of all true conspiracies through all time, in all space; for its center is Nowhere; at the heart of 89 is what appears to us to be nothing; there is no head, it is all a cleverly designed method of self confusion to help blur the line between dream and reality, between mind and matter, between time and space. Its process is already occurring as we speak, for any agent of Awakening is an agent of 89; the Project is so secret, even its agents do not know that they are a part of it. It is a fiction designed to show the truth; a new method of access, a new design, for the mystery schools of old- harnessing as it will the full power of the digital and technological in this new age of spiritual machines.

There is only ONE thing happening right now, and we are all participants in its unfolding. We haven’t yet been born; we are still gestating, still growing in the womb of our mother Gaia, transforming from one species into another; or rather from a caterpillar into a butterfly. “That which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, for the performance of the miracles of the One Thing. Its mother and its father the sun; the wind carries it in its belly and its nurse is the earth.”

The New Paradigm is coming; the new human is coming, it is here; it is just waiting to break free. The walls will fall away, and when they do, we will find that there is something left underneath- and we will all be born…..