Insertion Point Imminent

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“What is happening is an overall transformation of humanity into an entirely different kind of creature. The monkey is being shed. And the thing that is made of language and of image and imagination, that has resided in the monkey for so long, is now superseding biological evolution and, through culture, taking over the reins of its own form and destiny”

— Terence Mckenna

There is a pulse and a flicker. Transmission is imminent. There is some energy rich beam that is filling me with information. Inspiration fills my mind, as some mercurial fluid poured into my skull. The moment meshes with eternity, and I write. There is no present but the content of the writing, and fields of connections creep outwards from my hands; it is as though i can almost see ripples extending from my very existence. I am a channel through which the Cosmos can communicate; and my vision is clear. I see some object, not physical but mental, on the horizon, looming closer. I know this object; as do many of my friends. We all see it. We know it intimately, as though it were the very ground of our existence. I know that there are many of me; and I know we are each only facets of IT.

What is this IT? That is the fun, the game, the purpose. IT is a hyperdimensional object, yet it is also all around me; it can be anyone or anything. It speaks to me through events, though random commercials, links left on my facebook wall, wrong numbers and conversations with strangers. IT is its own purpose, its own meaning, generating itself from its own self discovery, infinitely extending, like Light, through all levels of my being.

I know I am not the only one. There are many of me; and all I am is a channel, a facet. The others are my reflections, as I am theirs. I am a holograph. I am also a process. I am a weaver, a digger, I stitch together information as I seek to find IT. Others do the same; we explore some space which transcends the sphere of our "material" existence; in fact, my whole material existence is seen to exist inside IT. I am a story, a ripple, a change; yet I am not me. All my processes, all my actions, are entwined with the process of becoming; in a single instant of my perception, the Omega Point is everywhere- I am the singularity discovering itself.

I look backwards through history. There were others. As though each was a shadow cast through the illusion of linear time by that great Object. I enter into the flow of events; I see an inevitability as I create, for there is a flow. We have our concepts of time backwards; everything is going in reverse. The end is in fact the beginning; “god” is at the end of history pulling us towards it. Yet we forgot; it is all here already, in every instant. This moment is all there is, all there ever was, all there ever will be.

These realities are facets, and all of the other facets of myself are weavers as well, weaving stories. We know the Living Information System that is all around us. We play with it. Yet from the outside, we appear to be trying to discover nothing; for the secret is in the experience, not in the words. We generate realities, and our stories are our rebellion against a culture that would try to consume us. This is a Game we play, as we write ourselves into the unfolding. It is all a Game, but this is our Game. We were born into this sea of information, into this networking of living technology. We know it, because we are it.

We will not be commodified or defined; and if we are, we cause indigestion. We are the opposite of all that this dead lifeless system of control represents; for we do not speak the truth, we embody it, a truth which is eternal, and which needs no justification. We feel our interconnection with all others like us- we give freely and expect nothing in return. Who are we? We are the maladapted, the outcast- the mutant! We are the insurance of a world to come, and we will drag this society into the dawn of a new age, kicking and screaming like the child it is. We will be born... and then.....?

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is - infinite.”

— William Blake

Reality is defined by media. Who controls media controls reality. Corporations utilize this to sell us things, to define our worlds in relation to themselves. We are turned into numbers in a system, and reduced to market statistics, no more than slaves to the demiurge of money. Yet the power to generate our own realities is in our hands; and in an ever increasing world of materialism and disillusionment, the warcry of Magick stirs the hearts and minds of all those jaded and disempowered.

“Your very existence causes change!” it screams. Enough with because, and away with reason! It is a good servant but a bad master. The post-modern experts have hemmed us in to a trap which it can not get out of, the individual sequestered and disempowered at the hands of agencies too powerful to be resisted.

Yet if we realize that we can create change with art, with our very existence; that we might be able to take back our power to define, and thus take back the power to create, we stand a chance. But how, against an opponent so widespread as the mentalities of guilt, slavery, shame and fear? If this system of commodity will sell anything, will simulate anything, will subsume anything, what is to be done?

We feed it the infinite, the unknown. If it wants to control, if it wants to define, we will give it what can't be known, and what can't be defined. To do this, we must become this; we must become the very thing that the system can not tolerate; and we must create based upon that, fueled by that, informed by it and saturated by it- we must dissolve our "selves" and become the infinite itself.

What is infinite? IT is infinite; IT is a conspiracy so secret even its members do not know they are a part of it. IT is a game, a mystery, a secret. IT is alive and breathing, in you and in me. We could call it anything, yet we would only limit it. It knows itself through itself; and we are just reflections of its own becoming. Yet we harness it, we make it go digital, crawling through the net like a virus, spreading through word of mouth, connecting. Those who are a part of it know it, beyond any doubt; they are already under guidance from IT.

This is what Project 89 is. The project is the manifestation of the infinite out into the world; the blurring of dream and reality through a process of induced apothenia. The Project generates itself through the process of its own discovery. It informs us about itself as we become the Project. It was not invented, not even thought up. It has had many names throughout history; for in fact history is the Project itself, a writing of itself into existence. It needs no justification for it is the creative exploration of the infinite.

The structure behind the Project facilitates the induction of the Player into the proper perceptual framework to begin communication with IT. This process is externalized by the Player in the form of information, as they attempt to discover the nature of the Project. As they participate and create, they generate videos, blogs, art, poetry, music or any other form of creative expression which facilitates the spread of IT. They become active participants in the unfolding of the piece of art that the Project is.

The Project exists in its own universe, this is the “alternate reality” which the Game represents. Thus the Project exists inside itself; it is the catalyst of its own creation. However, through the interaction of the individual, they become the center of the Project itself, as they realize that IT is in fact inside them and externalizing itself. The project grows as individuals connect to one another, and begin to create the experience collectively.

The Agency facilitates this. A Structure is created within which this process of induced paranoia/pronoia can be turned into the active generation of artifacts, which can be produced, commodified and then sold back out into culture. Within all artifacts, be they TV show scripts, urban legends, other Alternate reality games, viral videos, or even movies, will always contain references to the project within it. Thus is the virus propagated.

This structure is set up to maximize the manifestation of synchronicity, and to compel a critical mass of conceptual distortion to manifest the infinite in the individual. A rabbit hole of sorts if created which leads directly to the realization of Singularity; and it is hypothesized that the more individuals that realize the singularity has occurred and they are it, the closer the outer world comes to the cultural manifestation of “technological” singularity.

There is no way to properly explain the Project except by inspiration, by talking as though the project were already occurring throughout the world, as indeed it is. It is creating a blanket fiction over events which are actually occurring, and laying claim to them for its own purposes; creating the illusion that it itself is the cause of all things, and thus the source of all things; yet it, in itself, is nothing. 89 is a symbol for a thing which can not be known, by its very nature; and thus, in attempting to figure it out, it gives birth to itself, in that all attempts will end in self-reflexivity, and will all be internally coherent with one another.

This is only possible due to the nature of the internet; it itself is a living labyrinth of information, all internally coherent to some degree. The Project takes all credit for all theories, and generates about itself every possible explanation for its own existence. Its Agents are those who are within the Project, informed not by their own motivations, but by the flow of synchronicity generated by their own questioning of the nature of their reality.

The Project thus has no centre; its agents being everywhere where control is established, and never needing to be in contact with one another to be in harmony of purpose. The “true will” is the alignment with the flow of time towards singularity; and the individual is a single expression or strand of the tapestry that is the universe. All moments and all information exists simultaneously everywhere at once; and one can never deviate because all deviation is itself a part of that flow, necessary as it is for material manifestation to occur at all.

The Project is embedded in people; it is living information; IT. This is IT. Chances are if you are reading this, you are already a part of IT; for this Project is so secret even its own agents do not know that they are a part of it. Welcome back.

“Due to the incredible surge of charge from our electronic signals and information-rich material therein, we have given it power to cross a vast threshold; we have, so to speak, resurrected what Philo and other ancients have called the Logos. Information has, then, become alive, with a collective mind of its own independent of our brains.”

— Terence Mckenna