Prologue to Infection

Surrender.  Surrender to this force; learning how to let go and give in to this pulsing life, this intelligence, this presence.  Surrender to the pains; surrender to this heart- this is all there is, all there was, all there ever will be.  This heart is the connection to the Infinite.  This Project is flowering from Love, it is a manifestation of the Will of this One to embrace the totality of this planet in a blaze of fire.  Inspirations kiss manifests this desire, forces pressing outwards.  This is the serpent force, with all its silver undulation, twisting out a tornado of possibility.  No one could have seen it coming, for it comes as a thief in the night.  They can not stop it, can not repress it; it is the primal impulse to a new future, event horizon.  From our collective neurogenetic evolution we are pressing to the point of progression; soon death will be conquered, intelligence will increase asymptotically and from us will emerge some new species; a masterpiece of evolution, a being of perfected light, resplendent, glorious and eternal; being of Love, of compassion, of intelligence.  From out of this dead world will be born a Light, in all of us it will arise aknew, and those who subject themselves to its purifying flames will be transformed; those who embrace these changes shall inherit the kingdom on Earth- the New Jerusalem, The Kingdom of the Crowned and Conquering Child, a city eternal in all of our hearts and minds, eternal in our bodies.

These unfolding patterns whisper across the screen of consciousness, whirling the self into a spiral of fear, panic and love; from out of this chaos, we are reborn; from this dissolution of our separate selves in the embrace of union, in the surrender of our limited selves to the great Otherness of all Entity we transpire from our skin into bodies of radiance; rainbow perfection in the biology of our emergence.  If we give in, feel these emotions fully, completely; if we merge into these bodies, senses of self dissolving into organic perceptions, feelings and sensations, we can emerge out the other side.  Do not run from the bathing radiation of this source of creation; bath in it and allow it to sweep across your longing heart, for truly you have thrashed and screamed, raged and cried to be back in this Womb of wondrous Love- but it is not you that shall return.  You are limited, a finite conception of an infinite body; you are a prism for It's light- so refract dear ones!  Make your mind a multifaceted gem to scatter that One light into a million wonderful hues- learn to ride this wave of insanity; learn to bask in the emergence of Chaos from your brain, allow the seed of divinity to unmask itself.

Into darkness we fold; madness and fear embrace our hearts; we scream as the void envelopes us... but we allow it in... we breath, we let go, and we see we are this void; these fears are all self created entities feeding of our own weaknesses, our own desires, our own habitual tendencies.  This Darkness dissolves them if we let it; if we move in to these feelings, like a lover embrace that Other, that shadow, and feed off of it; offer this petty sense of limited self up to that infinite- all your pain, all your hearts longings and desires; feel vulnerable, feel the fear in your gut, in your belly, live from it; stand in the mouth of the fire until you feel no pain.  Let it recreate you, in mind body and soul.  Then we will all emerge as the same perfected entity, each of us one more facet of that Truth, of that Light; in the Night of Pan let go to its wild caresses, give in to its pulse in your veins, the flow of life through your bones and blood.

This is Life, all of it one ball of Chaos; do not run from the fear or pain, do not erect walls of belief and limitation upon your soul; do not restrict yourself out of fear or shame.  Learn, slowly at first, how to be all of it, how to feel all of it; how to take the pain in, how to take in the despair, the darkness.  Learn to make it your own; know that in accepting it, you accept all the joys of life- for in accepting even one moment of joy, you must inevitably accept every pain, every hurt, every death existence has as its price.  Feel the joy and pain mingle, feel them dance as lovers to create the multiplicity of life all around you- feel it press through your hands, emerging as creations; painting and drawing, songs and dances; inventions and words and poems.  Feel IT pressing out of you, give it voice, give it movement, and it shall change the world.  IT is magick, the vital root of all life, at the heart of every art and science; it is mystery, desire, passion, lust, love, will.  It is all of these things, and yet so much more.  Every god and goddess is a facet, an aspect, of It.  Through the pantheons of existence, give praise to It; not out of faith or dogma, but out of honest embrace of the infinite within and without.  You need not believe- you need only Know.

This Project is the manifestation of the infinite into the world; housed in a business, in a corporation, it will be Magick entire, touching each individual and flowering them in to what they already know they are- Infinite.  This will take us all, give us organization structure, coherence, purpose.  It will take the sweat and blood of our hands to build it; to dream it in to existence.  Yet, each step of the way it will be a new adventure, a new love, a new risk, a new challenge; it will be a game, a love, a romance, a mission; it will be passionate embraces, tears, pleasures; it will be full moon gatherings in counter culture coffee shops, singing hymns to our darkness, to our eternal sun; it will be the casting off of shackles and the gathering of friends and family.  We will take it all back, one piece at a time, one person at a time, one dollar at a time.  It may not seem like it, but we have a network all around us to accomplish this; chances are if you read this, you are a part of it already. That longing for escape, for liberation; for a freedom from what appears to be the only option- a life enslaved to money and consumerism.  Yet it is not so!  We can emancipate ourselves if we simply choose to work together in something bigger- to build something enduring, something permanent, something Divine.

We plot, we scheme; we engineer Reality to conform to our desires.  We redefine, recreate; we redesign the whole system.  We work form where we are, and we channel what is here into what will be new; we take the rules of this game, and we use them in new ways, creative ways; we do not give up or give in, we fight back.  This Project is already evolving; even as you read, as you contemplate; you know it is out there, occurring right now; there are those struggling as hard as they can- struggling against the primate programming, against the rules and regulations, against the consensus and the status quo.  There are those fighting tooth and nail with the world around them, battling against entropy in an attempt to finally emerge from this shroud of human biology.  Breaking out of our Egg, looking to take flight into new mind spaces, into new horizons of thought, conception and possibility.  To prepare the world to S.M.I.2L.E. we must stretch the bounds of human imagination to give allowance to this emergence.  We must break the mold, Will ourselves to become something more than just a primate; we must will ourselves to become the gods we once imagined; god has died that humanity might become It.

How can you prepare or participate?  By communicating.  By listening to It within you, wherever It calls you, wherever It beckons you to go.  By taking risks, by pressing the envelope and watching it bend; by realizing things are not as concrete as we think.  We live in a giant matrix of probability, and by interacting with the threads which stretch out as a web from the present instant, we can learn to navigate the future spaces together.  Take part, join in, take up arms and begin to fight against consensus reality.  Start something and tell us; let us network and plot together for the downfall of this system of guilt, slavery and shame.

Viva la evolution!