Streams of Me

Words to the wise, logos rides the tides of mind. Millstones turn to grind this seasons out of time, for those up high are cast on low, and with the Eye in the sky we make men blind. Voices rise and in the darkness they shine. A million flames ablaze with the radiant recreations of the new stars dew. Hearts girth encompasses the earth, and like a raging ocean, crashes in mirth, for the children have come and this day they have won for the love springs forth like Osiris from his tomb; and this vision is birthed from out of Gaia’s womb. 

The children march to the invisible tune, in line with the sun and the stars and the moon;

Aquarius lets forth the waters of its urn, a vision articulated in the words of the Law
With Pisces flowing with another dreams turn, perfect in the glances of what it saw;
Aries fire washes higher with the force of the ram in the bowers of fire; 
Taurus bursts the wall of this god's dam, letting forth a flood of the higher command. 
Gemini unites the poles divide, a fractured split across the gulf of mind. 
Cancer ensures the safety of the vision as the carrier of this perfect collision. 
Leo roars with the power of fire, and calls the children to rise even higher, 
a law of love from a lion of light, igniting the sparks that are nestled in night. 
Virgo organizes as the army gathers, earthing the dreams of the aquarian waters as the tides start to turn and the general orders the ranks to compose. 
Justice rains down, supreme in victory, as the Law ignites each human heart, weighed on the scales against the feather of truth, none can turn from the eye of the first. 
Scorpios sting sublimated higher, a rushing chorus from the eye of Horus, the divine concealed in verse and rhyme, and breaking the spell of slaveries vine. 
Sagittarius quivers as the bow shivers, an arrow of will sent off into the sun, an abundance of light spiraling out from within. 
Capricorn leaps to the crags of this change, and leads the way through the darkness to day, and in his horns is the spark of the divine, a fertile phallus to give birth to the one.

Humbled my heart takes a turn to the light, to attempt to create though absorbed in the night. A single beacon to all of creation, trying to shine as a candle through this darkness, I am immersed by the imperfection stained on my creations; but like a roar I burst forth to articulate this vision, for the world is in sorrow from the lies of our making. 

This is a spell to incite the fire in the blood, to kiss the forehead of all the young and to ignite them into a frenzy of passion, to rise up the force of compassionate action, to live with the song of the beauty in creation, to dance with the rhythms of the cosmic celebration. This hymn is a din in the midst of this madness, an ecstatic chant to the great old ones gladness; a perfect prostration to infinities praise, a calling down of the fire into the end of days; for eternity is birthed from the words of our hearts, beating in unison till all the world starts to wonder and praise this creations perfection, bowed down to knees in teary eyed elation. Peace is a state which we dream with our hands, a creation of our passion which molds our lands; for this all is our paradise to build or to burn, and now we must all make a choice for a turn away from greed, from hatred and fear towards a new earth, a heaven that is nowhere but here.

Words are divine, pulsing in time, licking up the last few vestiges of my mind, for they are a pounding raging crashing sea that threatens to sweep overtop of me; to pull me away with their lyrical tides, as I sail on the boat of my inner eyes. I am afloat on meme’s in a ship of dreams, navigating by the starlight of metaphor towards the promised land of loves command. Revelations elations sate my temptations, for filled by the word I am made whole by the third; and smiling gratefully for the power of bliss; and with all my light I offer up a kiss.