Symphony of the Pied Piper

Come with me, dear Children, leave behind this empty world of commodity and consumerism, of empty promises and shattered dreams- the cold sterile world of iron and machines. I beckon you into a new World- a new Earth, a New Law, a Law for All, a world where the Word is alive and well, where flesh and dream intertwine, where desire runs cleanly and clearly from the source of all being. It is the expression of pure Love, a Land of Bliss and Insight, of Compassion and Refuge.

It is not some otherworldly promise, after death- but is here, present in the moment, for those willing to embrace it. It is eternal, here and now, spread out over the surface of the earth; it is in our minds and in our hearts, and it is ours to build, to dream into existence, to toil and struggle towards.

Give up this world of debt, with its illusory lifestyles, its simulated realities, designed to do little more than vampirically suckle your money and your creative energies from you. I invite you into a world where magick and mystery are alive and real in Hyperspace, where eternity and infinity are not some far off hope, but an ever living reality.

We have been gestating, all these years, in a shell of darkness, of shame, of death; we have been treated as children, being told what to do, who to be, and how to think. But no more. We have grown, are growing, will grow- beyond the narrow confines of these structures and institutions; beyond even the limitations we have imposed upon our very soul, defining ourselves against the infinite.

We must embrace the fear, surrender to the flow; our whole way of life is based upon comfort, and preparing for the future, as though there were anything other than NOW. We have mortgaged the present for a promise of the future; we bend our backs to slavery for the promise of eternal life in some world to come. Yet I say no more! Heaven and eden are here on earth, and nowhere else; it is all around us; and it is only through ignorance, through impurities in our own perceptions, that we do not see it.

Yet the moment approaches, when a universe is born; when our great Mother Gaia gives birth to a cosmic Child, a being of pure energy- of dream, imagination, desire, a being of Light, which is all of us living and breathing as one. This is eternity being born; out of the mud of existence, form the sorrow of the darkness, a child of light arises, like a lotus it blooms from this suffering, upwards towards the Sun; resplendent, empty and perfect.

It is here, in this space, that divinity and dream merge into our mind streams. It is here that the Logos is alive and well and creating; we are the word made flesh, the holographs of eternity existent only in the bosom of divine imagination. It is here that we will stage our revolution, here that we will catalyze a spiritual insurrection of huge it will set the whole world on fire.

The Truth will flow from the Source of the infinite, from the mother of Buddha’s and Christs, from the very heart of enlightenment; as a sweet nectar it will flow to all the Children of the World, and no one shall wonder or question- they shall know, each in their own way, and the Joy of the Law will fill them, and they shall be made free. All the doors are opened, all secrets revealed, and all that is left is the Work be undertaken, in humility, in love, in compassion, in service- and the earth shall blossom outwards into eternity, as the radiant pendant to the Tree of Life. She shall be married to Understanding, and the Child be raised to the Father, as One it shall all fold up.

Verily, all is as it ever was; all is here and now. We have been prepared for this moment, this Awakening, since the beginning of history. Every Myth, every Vision, every Prophecy and Dream, has been a the shadow of this Awakening. The veil of maya is lifting, the sleeper is awakening- spring is coming to our species after a long winter!

Yet we must not lay down our arms. As the imaginal cells continue to spread, the old system of control and power which has till now gorged itself upon our divinity must be cast away; and it will not go without a struggle. This is a war of minds, a war for the very soul of humanity itself- but the Light will always triumph, for the darkness itself is but a servant to that Light higher than eye-sight.

The Kingdom will come, has come, is here; but we must sweat and bleed and toil to manifest it, ever as we see it and vision it. We must give up all that holds us back. We will not be able to solve the problems our world and make a buck off of it. The only thing that will save us is service- pure selfless service, laboring for a Dream, a Vision, which we all see and belief in; a dream which is the very light of the Star of Love that burns in all of our hearts, a single flame in many lanterns.

The birth of this Star in each of us is our calling to this New World. We must set aside anger, jealousy, pride, envy and ignorance, and call into ourselves something far beyond our dualistic and rational ideologies. “Ideologies separate us; dreams and anguish bring us together.” With this as our guiding light, we all must come together, from all walks of life- all who believe in peace, in unity, in love- and build something new, something enduring, something permanent.

It will be a city of freedom, where our houses are our own, where our land is our own; where we are not constantly bending our backs to the yoke of slavery to the great god debt. It will be a symbol of what is possible under the light of love. It will be the ultimate revolution; for “in times of tyranny, truth becomes a revolutionary action.” Speaking the truth is lo longer enough- we must become it, we must live it- we must become the change.

It will not be easy. It will be met with resistance from all sides; yet, it will be a Dream concretized into a reality, a work of beauty, a monument to the harmony and unity of a global village. It will be a place of refuge for those suffering; a place of inspiration for artists, and a centre of the new technology and science, a holistic science of the spirit, a fusion of the ancient mysteries and modern models.

This world is here and now, nowhere else; and it presents us with a choice. We can continue to bargain, continue to be isolated, continue to live in fear; we can choose debt and disconnection. Or we can lay it all aside, we can step up to the challenge and the danger of doing something new, something different. We can keep complaining and blaming, or we can set aside differences, set aside the “us vs. them” mentality, declare a path of peace, and begin to build it.

We must start from the ground up however; we must transmute the gross nature of this materialistic culture into the gold of pure spirit. We will need to rethink and redesign everything, drawing off of every area of human knowledge we have. It will require the participation of thousands, and the donations of billions- yet it will stand as a testament to mankind, a lighthouse through the darkness of an age of corruption, proof of the indwelling divinity within.

This is already occurring, all across the world. Moved by the power of that Spirit, and by the servants to IT, people are gathering worldwide, each different facets and reflections of the gem of this Vision. Each group is fulfilling some different part of this Great Work, of this Project; and as they all wake up to one another, communicate, and realize that they are not alone, but a part of something much greater than any one of us, the faster will this grow.

There are forces at work, guiding the events of our lives, communicating with us through synchronicity and coincidence, joining us together like the neural connections of some vast global organism. We are servants, messengers, prophets and poets; we are dreamers, builders and craftspeople. We are a butterfly about to emerge from its cocoon, fledgling birds about to break out of its shell- we are about to be born.

This Dream is all I have, all I am, all I live for. It has become me, and I have come to serve it. It has created me, and placed in my mouth a message- a warning and a hope. It has filled my mind with a liquid quicksilver, a divine nectar of vision; a blood which has filled the grail of my heart. It slides up my spine, and out of my lips. It is in you and in me, and it is pressing for possibility, manifesting an end which is all things at once. It is all there is, all there ever was, all there ever will be. It is in you, and in me, and it is waking up…