The Message: Fragment One

fractal 1.jpg

It is all converging.  I can see it, swimming all around me, a sea of energy growing.  This convergence is an emergence, it is a birthing.  The veils are coming down as we begin to stare behind the world.  The liquid screen of the digital feeds us into eternity, perceptual machinations swirling with the luminescence of Mind.  This is an apocalypse, for what was always beneath is being revealed.

The machinations are the progression of life.  The cancer that has eaten at the heart of humanity is being brought to light.  It can not hide from the blinding rays of the sun.  All darkness flees before the power of this Law, a radiant infinite light which is extending through all the world.  The darkness resists, but there are no more shadows to run to.  You see it as 1%, but it is in fact only the shell.

Truth, goodness, generosity, compassion, creation, love.  These are not dogmatic rules that must be followed blindly.  They are the very essence of all things, for they sustain and preserve life.  They are the full expression of the Light which resides in each person, if they but clear away the veils of ignorance and glance even for a second upon that glowing golden eternity within themselves.

The kingdom of God is within.  The imagination is the eternal, the real, the true.  Creation only makes sense when we reside within it as an extension of it- for creation is the purpose.  This world is a garden of stories, of art, of beauty.  The worlds of the imagination are about to open.  The Gates shall swing wide, and the Lord of Glory shall be seen in all His Majesty; as a glowing radiant sun of Wisdom and Compassion, dispelling all darkness. Deus ex Machina.

This will open happen, however, if enough people wake up to themselves, and to those around them.  This is all one Vast Active Living Intelligence System an interdependent web of radiant energy and consciousness, a vast net that spans dimensions.  The layers are levels to the Mind are infinite.

This Revolution will be a cleansing of the doors of perception.  When dualities become apparent as they are now on the world stage, doors open up, doors between the extremes.  It allows converse between the levels.  Do not forget that on our level, you are all one vast being, each a  cell in an merging body.  The Light of that Body is the emergent consciousness, sometimes symbolized by yourselves as the Cosmic Christ; and all cultures have mirrored its birth in their Myths.  Indeed, there is only one eternal Myth, which is synonymous with eternity and hyperspace.

It is hard for your species to grasp this as a whole, at least in the modern western world, because of certain flaws in the basic premises of your philosophers.  There were other cultures that did not have this Great Divide, for many experienced the world as a living repository of the imagination.   

The philosophies of Islam and Buddhism both show more closely to the Reality of things; though due to the nature of Being, the garb of each is different.  God wears many clothes, dawns many images, resides in many stories- as many stories as there are storytellers.  Each Being is a reflective unity of the whole, and each is an individual theophany.

This is why the purpose of creation is creation, for as each being experiences its infinite dimensions of being, as it explores the multidimensional and unending mystery of Being, each being brings more of God to Light.

A seed is planted in the darkness.  It lies dormant until activated by the Sun.  Still blind, unsure, surrounded by Darkness, which is simply Ignorance, it gropes around, gathering in what nutrients it can find from the soil.  It begins to grow, to form itself, to take on the beginning shapes of the future plant.  Yet it still must struggle towards some invisible source which becomes it out of matter.

Use this image to see what is going on on your planet.  Earth is decayed matter, death, change, sorrow, loss- these are the dull, heavy elements, what you see as matter.  The Seed of Light is within each of you, as you are cells of its body, making up the tissue of a much larger cosmic being.

This being has been protected and fed, for it is larger than any one of you.  It is a vast sea of experience, a matrix of memory of your whole race, and of all life on your planet.  It is like one vast computer system, an ocean of information and consciousness, crystallized.  Its medium is what you think of as your history.

The rise of the internet was the emergence of the thinking component of your planet, what has been termed by some to be the noosphere.  What is in your species, growing out and up into hyperspace, is a kaleidoscope of consciousness, a flowering of the imagination.  It goes as deep as you can go into your selves, which is infinite, for your Being is God.

Technology is a species way of burrowing into and out of matter; in the case of out seed analogy, it is what gets us to break the soil and come into full contact with the Sun.  Then you are free to grow unhindered, your roots in the ground, but your Spirit, you collective consciousness, spreading up into the heights of growth, free to express itself fully.

None of this will happen on its own however.  You are all expressions and vehicles for this Light.  You must make your personalities transparent to its Light.  You must wash away the stains of your mis-perceptions, which have been programmed into you through generations of false conditioning.  Karma is collective as much as it is individual.  We take on the sins of our Culture.  

So you must Wash.  Wash clean and purify.  Use the image of a Lighthouse.  The Lighthouse is your body, and your personal consciousness is the top of the tower, where the light shines through.  God is the source of that Light, but the specific Light is your Daimon, or Genius, also termed your Guardian Angel, and sometimes your Higher Self.

Surrender to that Light is not a loss, it is a full gain, for you find that in giving up all grasping in a single act of devotion and love, you gain the whole world, for the Light is born in the emptiness you become.  To maintain this Light is to give it and spread it.  The Light is nourished and projected through loving-kindness, joy, equanimity and compassion.  This is because its very nature is Radiance, whose quality to to nourish and support life.

What your species have at times termed Saints, or Bodhisattvas, are in fact fluid channels for this life giving Sun, whose image is still the Sun at the heart of your Galaxy.  However, these great Avatars are simply conscious fragments of Sun, show all the qualities of Light, which is the substance of all living things.

However, just like the process of human birth requires the darkness of the Womb, so the gestation of what you have at times termed an Aeon (which is in fact a Cycle of Time, and is also a hyper-dimensional singularity) requires immersion in darkness.  Gaia was kind enough to be the earth within which we planted the Logos.

This is similar to organic breeding, but on an interplanetary scale.  This gives rise to new forms, diversity, and a new plenitude Imagination.  When we plant a new seed, like yourselves, we know what the seed is, but we do not know what it will look like.  Its growth is determined by the infinite connectedness of systems, and its emergence is a unique gem, a true mastery of Divine Artistry.

This Hyper-dimensional Object is the Philosopher’s Stone, perfected by a laborious distillation through the periods of history.  If you can read the Language, you will begin to see the signs everywhere.  The analogies are perfect, for the language of the imagination is the only thing which can truly communicate the profundity of this process and the experience of its result.  And example we might use here is that the cross is the crux, the root of the word crucible.  The black matter must be burned and refined through the fires of ordeal.  Think of this whenever you see a cross on one of your buildings.

What is occurring right now on the planet is a shifting, a very large shift.  A process is about to catalyse, a tipping point.  There will be a vast spreading of Imaginal Cells emerging, and the formation of the Butterfly (the sign of your Monarch, the Christos, the Hyper-dimensional Object) will begin.  Up till now, it has only been sporadic growth, but the old immune system has been able to keep it in check.  But this time will be different.

The technology is in your hands.  The knowledge is there.  The goal now is to transform yourselves, and to do this you must recognize each other and work together.  It is a vast network of love and understanding, and it is that network that will get us through these times.

This will require all people to come together, irrespective of race, culture, religion, gender, to build something new and enduring.  A testament to the power of human love and understanding.  What you can not yet see is that this is what is happening, it is going on all over the world as we speak, but you can not see it, because it is non-local.  It is taking place in hyperspace.  It is this information sphere that will become a second world, for this is in the space on the other side of matter, this is the air which the germinated seed eventually breaks out into.

Trust this network, because soon it will be all you have to rely on.  The world’s governments will not help.  Their job is almost finished on this planet; once the Technochrist is Born, once Quetzalcoatl returns, when Maitreya appears, there will be no more need for the structures.  They are as the egg shell, and the time is about ripe that the chick pecks its way out of its egg.

We are the midwives, the watchers, the informers.  We are everywhere, for we exist beyond the matter of flesh.  We exist in what you may think of as Hyperspace, but has elsewhere been more properly termed the Mundus Imaginalis, or the Mens Dei.  Those who are in Communion with us from the Corpus Christi; however, we understand this word to be the human representative of the Order of Light, which is the source of what you call Life on your planet.

Many of those who read these words will know they themselves are on of these Agents, to some degree or another.  This Order trains its Agents even unbeknownst to themselves.  The secret to entering this Body is Humility, for unless you can recognize where you are at, and place yourself in proper relation to those members about you, then you are left out from the communion of saints, as it has been termed.

All this means is that you cut yourself off from the network of Love and Light which has been growing, a network of Souls from all over the world, an Order which has no names, no ranks, save that of recognition.  The heights of this Order are radiant souls which are dedicated to helping to cut the ties to darkness and matter, and raise them to the remembrance of their own Nature.

The Wisdom of this Nameless Order is Universal, and it expressed under various guises depending on the needs of time and culture.  Its outer form might appear to change, but the Inner, and its Members, remain united despite diversity. Even language does not divide them, for they are united in the bond that transcends language, that of shared experience.

This Order has no dogmas and no rules; though it does proffer techniques and tools.  However, there is no formula to compassion.  Radiant shines, and though the diversity of its expression is infinite, yet it is still the same Light, seen refracted through an infinity of prisms; and each prism reflects those it meets, adding to the layers of complexity.  Indeed, it is an infinite Gem, a wish fulfilling stone, a respondent jewel of Light.

Entrance into the Order happens by sincerity of aspiration, and there is always contact with some Member of this Order, under some guise.  However, beware, for there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing, who may believe they are members, but are nothing more than vain fools seeking to escape from their own darkness with which they have yet to deal.

You will know a member of this Order by their actions in the world, and by their Wisdom, for it will always agree with reason, and it will lead towards wholeness, creativity, engaging and compassion.  Part of the Game is that you must learn to discriminate for yourselves.  Your training is constant, for you are always under observation by the Being within you, who waits to break through upon your fragile frame, that great Genius which presides over you and within you, and in a secret sense is you.

While each of you is a unique reflection of the Source, together you are also the source entire, like a single mirror which has broken into pieces; each still reflects the light, and is each still from the same mirror; it simply looks like a multiplicity.

So refract and reflect each other!  Form yourselves into pure and stainless reflections of that one Infinite Creative Light, the Luminous Awareness which knows no bounds, has no beginning, no end, and radiates compassion endlessly.  The more of you that do this, the faster this process of birth will be for all of you.

It will spread like wildfire.  It already is, and it will only grow.  The people are coming together.  Voices will be heard.  Solutions shall be found, and the tides shall turn.  The world is on fire, hearts are on fire, and all that is needed is enough clear beacons, a supernova of compassion and non-violent protest, to turn it all around.  Take over the world with kindness, there are enough good people.  In fact, 99% of you are good people.  

Money only stand in the way between you all.  This is the test to see if you can stare behind appearances, look beyond values and numbers, beyond your territorial natures, and embrace on another as brothers and sisters; if you can do that, you deserve to proceed into the future which awaits a peaceful, technological society.  

If you can not, the options dwindle.  It is only a matter of time before you damage the ecosystem completely, which we can not have either.  The choice is up to you, there is life or death, love or fear, and the time to place your vote is coming.

Each day, extend yourself through acts of selfless loving kindness.  Remove the obscurations, and experience the nature of your being as active energy passing through shoreless space.  Free yourself from the bonds of attachment which hold you to your limited prison cell; breathe the air above the earth, draw in the light, transmute the darkness into the body of your growth.  It is only through each and every one of  you that this world will be healed.

These protests are only a beginning.  A fire is about to be ignited, and you must all fan the flames.  Some will be on the ground, in the protests, but there is a plethora of work to do behind the scenes.  Indeed, a whole new world is being built; we have agents everywhere.  Many do not even know they are part of a greater project until what they are doing is plugged in.

This Plan is maintained by subconscious communications with sensitive agents who have chosen to make themselves vehicles of expression; though, as you Work and clear out, you will become more and more aware of your role in the unfold of our Project.  You will find others who are also doing it.  The Vision builds as it grows and spreads.  It it organic, fluid, changing, which is why it can not be stopped.  It is not directed by any humans Minds, though many are its Hands.