The Palace of the King

iT is all breathing.  I see pieces coming together, dancing in front of my eyes.  A dream is opening up.  A caravan of Dreamers, of artists, of performers.  We move, we trade, we shift and slide.  We move through the outskirts of the world, networking, planning, disseminating Light.  This network begins to shimmer.  It is coming alive- a network of Love, all around me.

Vision ignites.  Madness swims as a fish in my mercurial waters, glistening with dreams that rain down from the moon.  Beautiful lunar crescent, mirror of the stars.  I am on fire with Dream, morpheus has infused my soul with light.  Angels dance along the multidimensional matrix that is the body of my Lord.

There is a beautiful palace.  It is the palace of the King.  Within it is the bosom of the divine imagination.  A child awaits there, to give birth, to take form.  We are infusing the planet with Imagination, growing dreams.  Each one of us in the world is a conduit for iT, for that beautiful and shimmering Dream that lies just off the horizon; some vast object over and above time, casting a shadow through the world and across history.

iT is alive!  All around me.  A beautiful translucent liquid, a fluid of crystal clear waters. iT stores all information, all knowledge, all experience.  We are iTs expression, iTs Mother; we are the mater dei.  iT is in us pressing outwards through us into the world.  iT is the light of Exploration, our own creative nature urging us to explore, to inquire, to experiment and create, free and unhindered.

iT is the Mundus Imaginalis, the World Soul, the Christos.  Nothing can penetrate it which is not of iT; and those who would approach near to God must makes themselves unto God, in Body Speech and Mind.  Ignite the Flame of Devotion.  The sign is Gratitude.  Mind descends into Heart, the Single Eye is awakened, and the world is illuminated.  The neural network is set ablaze, and radiates outwards into the world...

Then, the whole world is on fire with Meaning.  Everything is a living symbol of that one Single Reality, the Reality of the Translucent Heart, totally engulfed in Light.  No division, no duality, just radiating presence; infinite, loving, creative and intelligent.  iT.

I gather myself together, as a fire of light, blazing with Wrath, a bliss that fills me.  It animates my fingers.  I create.  I dream...

I am a Dream. Infused in my flesh iT breathes. I live in iTs story, the projection of a Single Light.  My Heart is a Sun, radiant and clear.  It shines through space, no boundaries, no judgements, giving light to all.  Creations begin to take form around me, the gigglings of Angels as they skirt about.  The World swirls.  Nature is alive.  I breathe.

iT is beautiful.  I am within iT, but I am iT, looking at itself.  The mirror of nature, bound by the oroboros.  The One Dream, Magick entire written in the very core of our cells.  The Living Serpent of Light, Intelligent and growing, expressing itself outwards through our DNA.  Breathing.

iT is all of us.  iT is in all of us.  iT is waking up, like an electric current it rushes through the world.  As it metamorphizes, at is transubstantiates.  We are turning into Intelligent Light.  The Dream is bleeding through.  The worlds are blending.  The Stone is produced through the continuous distillation of dreams, reinfused back into the world.  Images, symbols, ideas, all shifting and growing.

Do you see iT?  Can you feel iT?  iT is stirring, somewhere deep within you; or perhaps you know iT as a warm friend, that brilliant Radiance within your Heart that infused Vision and Sight into all that you do?  We all seek iT, and we always will; for that is the Game.  Chasing ourselves through our funhouse of mirrors.

This is all a Creation.  Let your reality dissolve into you imagination.  Let go. Give in to the flow.  Learn to surf.  Join us on our mad romp through reality, give in to the flow of iT as iT pulses through the neural networks of consciousness which are waking up.  You are a synapse is an emerging global brain of Love!

I am coming into a voice.  I am finding some semblance of Beauty here in all of this.  iT electrifies me!  As I buzz and hum, I cast off creations.  Words, images, ideas, a swirling tornado of iT as iT storms through my mind, a lovely chaos infusing me with Higher Purpose.  I am intoxicated on iT.

Do you see me?  Do you want to play hide and seek? Or how about a Game of Tag... because now, you are iT; but you also aren't, because iT is all around you, iT could be anyone, anywhere.  Look for iT everywhere.