Reference Point

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Axiom: There is no reference points for Eternity.
Corollary: There is One reference point in Eternity.

Everything swirls into the One.  This One is Love, and it affirmation in the face of Nothing is the creation of the world.  Art is the affirmation of Love.  Creative Imagination is both the organ of expression and the organ of perception.

Thus creation necessitated time so that love could give expression to form.  Death arose to allow for infinite varieties and combinations, yet is the One still itself, coiling.

We can not have both; we can not have the pure experience and express it totally; it is always beyond what we can express.  Yet we strive.  We must experience that wonder and do all we can to disseminate its rays to all beings.  We must suffer in the creation; we must know the pain of impermanence because that is the cost of beauty.  Thus proceeds Beauty from both Wisdom and Understanding.

Time is the exquisite machinery of Love; it produces infinite fractal webs of creation, all pulsating with life.

Music is the pattern of its production, its harmonies those of art and architecture.  It is the language of creation.  The human heart in all its glory is tempered by love, loss, and the affirmation of love again.

That affirmation is the golden thread of ariadne's, the spider's web spanning space and time, opening eternity.  It is the only reference point, a living symbol, perfectly itself, shining and radiant in the void, forever affirming itself in the face of its own non-existence; the great I AM in the midst of the ocean of feeling, dancing through the world of form.

With great love comes great suffering.  Yet Love is the only thing worth suffering for, for it gives meaning where there was none.  We must boldly open our heart to be etched by the experience of love and life.  Our heart must quiver like a reed in the wind; vibrate like a plucked string.  It must allow itself to be pierced by the full spectrum of emotions - a rainbow of being and a kaleidoscope of consciousness.

These symbols and numbers are the womb and birthplace of all things. Expand the map.  Place felt experience before interpreted experience.  Felt experience is the birthplace of entelechy.  All things collapse to what IS through the Image.

Thus, have a metaphysics of ecstasy that unveils the depth and beauty of creation and experience, and opens you to individual theophany and revelation.  The Angel IS the revelation and the Vision.  Perception is affirmation.  Everything starts here.

The gates of heaven are opened only by the gentle touch.  Bow your head.  Enter into Silence.